Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The prO of dotA had been QUIT

lolx.. I'm going spend rest of my times on studies, careers, families (currently family and my future own family) I'm a fully experienced dota player and i played more then 8 years. Dota look like a part of my life, but unfortunately, i have to give up it. I'm studying economic now, i have to know what is the definition of "opportunity cost". Give up game and i may have a bright future. If i give up my studies, the probability of my future less then 20%. Do you think a company need a gamers? Lolx.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Depression about the score of exam.

I'm be quiet for whole day... why? That's because of my noob result.. Why i cant pawn my exam such as i pawn when playing dota?

Accounting 20.4/30
Management 9.5/20
Economic x/20
Information system x/20..

I had studied management and din sleep for the whole night. This is what i get? 9.5??? Fucking on the floor!

Friday, August 14, 2009

My life starting become meaningful when everything start from 0...

I love whatever i consist now. With this 4 words知足常乐, i really understand about my life. Thus, i have to appreciate whatever things i had now because i knew that there're someone who in suffering now. Thanks, 知足常乐...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Blog re-open

I'm just back from Australia, melbourne. It's can see that everyone scare on me. Do you understand how H1N1 killed a person? Suddenly i get scold by some of my friends, relax please!!!

This trip i'm not happy at all. I get scold by my dad and aunty, that's enough for me. I can't relax at all, i bring my book to study. My dream phone gone, fuck you all, do you remember what you promise me? You never achieve ur promise. In your eyes, my brother is the "best" forever. He's the one who talking crap very well in the world. Stop it Stop it!! I don't know what will i do in next second. My heart had been broken long time ago, and who else will give me a console? Answer= No one will!!! I'm living in a dark world forever. I tried study hard, in the same time, you should know i am very interesting in games. I can espress my emotion in the game.

If i can study at australia in next 2 years, i will not going to back Malaysia anymore. There are nothing i miss in malaysia. Fuck Fuck Fuck!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


This blog is going close soon because of some unexpected problems and personal reasons! I would thanks all my readers and my friends. UPSET!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

19th birthday!!

Thanks to all my friends who celebrate my birthday. I love you all.

From left: Daphanne, Joe, Me, Zoe

What the hell i'm looking?

My muffin birthday cake

My muffin birthday cake 2

My muffing birthday cake 3

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


初中一:刚刚认识的我们,有点害羞。我们都是通过sms和打电话来联络,很少会在班上说话。聊聊聊,我就不知不觉地爱上你了。无知的我,很喜欢玩miss call,终于有一次你妈妈打电话来骂我了。在那时,我觉得你妈妈好凶啊。还有很多很多回忆........

初中二:俊杰出现了!当他告诉我,他很喜欢你。我的心突然就像玻璃这样碎了。可能我觉得他可以让你快乐,我就不断的支持你们两个。我暗中帮了俊杰很多很多。他答应你会等你到form 5,可是他做不到。就因为这样,你开始对男生感到失望。同时,我也利用了仪欣来骗你。

初中三:这是,又出现了文杰。有一次,你和他单独去pasar malam,我很不开心。我承认我吃醋。他载你去这里,哪里。我吃醋。自卑的我又再拿他和我比较。他又帅,读书又好,又有钱。而我呢?肥肥,读书又烂!!


初中5:自从说了放弃你,我们之间的距离好像越来越远。很快的,我拥有了我第一个女朋友,mun yee。半年后,就分手了。你也对你姐夫介绍的一个男生有好感了。